Cyber Threat Services 

Online cyber campaigns against an individual is now a real economic and psychological threat to a company or individual. All it takes is for you to do nothing and you give the victory to your unseen 'enemy'. Most times you won't even know who is targeting you, why they are targeting you or what their motive is.

This leaves you flailing in the dark, with no-one to take to Court or professionally respond to. Their goal will normally be economic and reputation ruin. What can you do? Your response has to be measured, tactical and legal. At no time must fuel be given to this level of attack. 

Sandpiper offers services and technology solutions to assist with threat intelligence risks.  Where a client may be concerned about threats to their network, products, data or people, Sandpiper uses its Cyber Threat Intelligence platform to bring focus to threat intelligence and can tailor the threat assessment to those threats that are seen as relevant or probable by the client. As technology plays an ever larger role in branding and marketing strategies, it becomes easier for an unseen competitor to target your company and brand and leave you powerless in its wake.

Sandpiper is well versed and experienced in handling brand targeting by a competitor and we have strategies and capabilities to ensure your brand and profits are protected.

Sandpiper can protect you.

Reputation management

Managing your online profile & information

How to manage your online reputation

  • Our team is one of the best when it comes to protecting or repairing damage done to your brand or professional and personal reputation.

  • Online cyber campaigns can be malicious, unstoppable and cause extreme stress when it attacks your ability to function in a normal capacity.
  • There is no real protection from cyber attacks and it could be a disgruntled employee looking for revenge, or a competitor looking to take your market share.

How can we help?

Our team is at the forefront of getting ahead of a targeted campaign. Without taking the right course of action, statistics show that over 58% of people will believe what is written and it can affect your business and personal life in dramatic ways. 

The best strategy is prevention; putting in place a plan of action before any attacks take place

  • Next best is setting up trip wires in your systems, to be alerted early to any rumblings of an attack on the horizon. 
  • Finally, If an attack has happened, then a clear head and determined strategy is essential to stop a campaign running and gaining traction; we can reverse and eliminate campaigns against you. 
  • We work with HNW individuals and companies who are regularly targeted by a hostile press, cyber bot campaigns on social media, aggressive competitors and psychological warfare strategies implemented against them for economic ruin of the target.
  • Cyber management is now a serious threat and needs a serious response.