Financial Roadmapping

Financial Investigations & Finding Hidden Assets 

A Financial Investigation and Asset Report, which can also be referred to as an Asset search or Asset Check, is geared to provide you a comprehensive analysis and financial roadmap of all the assets belonging to a legal entity or individual. This includes assets held through complex structures in offshore tax havens, and any held through third parties, such as Trusts, Foundations or SPV's (Special Purpose Vehicles).

Sandpiper Intelligence is specialized in providing these bespoke and unique services to Corporations, Legal Firms, Financial Institutions and High-Net Worth Individuals involved in Financial Disputes and Divorces.

We provide you with a detailed financial report on the subject or entity, to ensure you reach an informed decision in your case management.

Our extensive network of associates covers most countries, and extend to the offshore havens such as Panama, Liechtenstein, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Switzerland and Delaware, where we provide UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Ownership) intelligence for use in Legal Proceedings and/or Dispute Resolution.