• The increase of Internet of things devices, artificial intelligence, and machine learning has brought an influx of data into the enterprise. This data is crucial to businesses, as these organizations can draw key insights from the data to function better in the digital frontier. 
  • By applying big data principles into the concepts of machine intelligence and deep computing, IT departments can predict potential issues and move to provide solutions before the problems even happen. 

Effective marketing analytics gathers data from all sources and channels and combines it into a single view. At Sandpiper our consultants then use the analytics to determine how their marketing initiatives are performing and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Sandpiper can assist our clients to unlock data insights to harness performance. Through our expert consultants and IT solutions we can design and deliver new ways of working with you, from your supply chain, to HR, competitor analysis, new market entry, political risk analysis and beyond. By harnessing your internal data and strategizing innovative solutions, clients can see their business grow and develop and become more competitive & profitable. 

We advise our clients that using marketing analytics can be used to drive superior growth. 

  • A company should ground its decisions by setting in place a strategy anchor. 
  •  When Sandpiper starts consulting and advising companies on their data analytics strategy, we find that companies often allocate marketing budget based on the previous year's budget or on how the business or product performed. 
  • We advise that these approaches will not result in a company making the best decisions concerning areas that most need to grow and do not focus on best strategies for brand reputation and ROI.