Complex due diligence, background research & ge0politic research

We undertake a diligence and background check on companies and individuals investigation. 

Due diligence is a final and essential precaution measure to take, before entering into an agreement with another party.

Failing to conduct these searches can prove costly for clients who would be entering into an agreement 'blind of facts'.

At Sandpiper, we work with our clients in identifying potential risks in advance. We look to develop strategies that analyse the risk then advise on precautionary steps to reduce and curb the riskWe help our clients in developing business processes, employees, and assist clients to work within regulatory compliance concerns. 

The key areas of compliance we are asked to advise on:

  • Environmental Risk. Potential for damage to living organisms or the environment arising out of an organization's activities.
  • Workplace Health & Safety. 
  • Corrupt Practices. 
  • Social Responsiblity. 
  • Quality. 
  • Process Risk.