About Us 

Sandpiper  Intelligence is a private intelligence, investigations and advisory firm that assists clients facing the global challenges of a changing and diversified market. Our team of dedicated and responsible professionals has a considered and valued international experience in providing clients with a solutions orientated and strategic approach to their individual case.

With intelligence being essential in making informed strategic decisions, we conduct extensive fact finding operations to control and re-direct known and hidden threats and provide security services related to physical, personal and reputational protection and management.

Crisis Management is an important element to any Corporate, High-Net Worth Individual or Government Client, when dealing with a situation that is either spiralling out of control or threatens to do so. Our senior officers come from former Government Departments including Israeli, US, UK and French Intelligence and Special Forces.

Services include Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance, Tracking, Financial Intelligence, Asset Reports and Recovery, Threat Assessment, Extensive Corporate Due Diligence, Cyber Intelligence and Computer/Phone Forensics.